18th Century Neoclassical Italian Cabinet

This handsome Italian cabinet was hand-crafted in the 18th Century. It is comprised of walnut wood with carved decorative trimming and iron hardware. The cabinet is a flattop with a single top drawer. The main body is designed with two doors that open to two interior shelves. The right-hand door has a key and an intricate, beautifully designed locking system. Noteworthy are the carved floral columns that flank the door and the door's circular pulls. These organic shapes pose an elegant balance to the cabinet's overall smooth Neoclassical lines. Another beautiful aspect of this case piece is the walnut wood's patina, which evokes the design's durability and a sense of accrued history . A bracket base completes the entire structure.

42.5 in. width
19.75 in. depth
49.75 in. height

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