1930s Chinese Navy Blue & White Art Deco Rug - 11' 6" x 9' 1"

This Chinese Art Deco rug was handwoven in the 1930s. Its palette is a bold, deep blue and soft beige that are arranged in a framed rectangular design. The main field is the deep blue and it is adorned at the center with a medallion of stylized flowers. These flowers repeat in a symmetrical ring around the medallion and at the corners. The surrounding borders echo the floral motifs in a winding frieze. All of this is framed by the rich dark blue of the field. At either ends of the rug are white frills.

This rug is in good condition with visible wear and variations in tone that are consistent with the rug's age and use.

11' 6" x 9' 1" (138 in. x 109 in.)

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