1950s Edmond Spence Curved Walnut & Birch Nightstands for William Hinn - a Pair


These two stunning nightstands are a rare find. They were designed by the American designer Edmond J. Spence and manufactured by William Hinn in the 1950s. The nightstands were imported from Sweden and are comprised of walnut and birch wood in a beautiful, honey-brown finish. They are newly refinished, restoring the chests' fine surface to their pristine condition.

Spence's furniture drew inspiration from many design movements, such as Art Deco and Swedish Modernism, which he brought together into a hybrid modernism. These particular chests are noteworthy for their fine craftsmanship and architecture. The straight lines of the chest's back and sides meet at the front and bow outward. The two drawers are thus subtly crescent-shaped. Four legs extend from the chest forming a kind of armature in which the chest appears to be suspended. These are an exceptional pair of Modern design that will enhance any space with its dynamic form.


26.5 in. overall width (leg to leg)

23 in. width of chest

17 in. overall depth (leg to leg)

15 in. depth of chest

23 in. height

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