1970s White Glass & Aluminum Wall Sconces - ON SALE

NOW $236 (originally $295)

This wall sconce was manufactured in Japan in the 1970s. It is comprised of an aluminum base & plate and white glass shades. The design and style of the sconce are noteworthy for its minimalism and industrial characteristics. With the white glass shades, the light is diffused and casts a misty glow. There are multiple sconces available. Each sconce is newly rewired. A turn-switch is located on the cord. The lamps are ready to be installed on the wall or to be used as bookcase or desk lamps.

Note that each sconce varies in patina and glass texture. Some sconces have accrued paint from their previous locations, while others have not. These brush-marks of paint are beautiful in themselves and do not mar the sconce. Instead they give each one character and a sense of history.

4.5 in. width
4.75 in. depth
6.5 in. height

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