20th Century Turkish Area Rug - 109" X 141"

We love the brilliant colors of this Turkish area rug, comprising of a jewel-like palette of red, blue, green, and yellow. Stylized floral motifs float in a dark-blue field that's framed by a series of borders of geometric patterns. The rug was hand-woven in the early to mid-20th Century in Isparta, Turkey. It has an organic wear that gives it a rich texture and a genuine sense of history.

9' 1" x 11' 9" (109 in. x 141 in.)

Condition notes:
The rug is in good shape with wear that is consistent with the its age and use. This includes fading throughout, which is a beautiful quality here. Note the hole near the center.

SKU: C-1110-20-CX2600

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