Antique Georgian Varnished Chest of Drawers

A truly special George I chest of drawers. Late 17th - Early 18th Century. It consists of two case pieces designed to fit one on top of the other. The fine craftsmanship and woodwork bring together a total of 10 drawers, varying in length. A decorative paper was added much later to cover the interior of each drawer. An antique varnishing technique adapted from Japan coats the exterior surface in a warm red-black tone. Pastoral vignettes adorn the facade of each drawer. They are elaborately hand-painted scenes of people, animals, and floral arrangements amidst a bucolic landscape. Brass locks and pendant drop pulls echo the gold of the paint. This chest is not only a functional storage space but also a historical centerpiece. It is in great restored condition.

41.25 in. width
23 in. depth
66 in. height 

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