Antique Serab Runner Rug - 154" x 33"

An antique Persian Serab runner, handwoven and dyed in a palette of browns, reds, pale yellows with accents of greens and blues. There are variations in color saturation with some areas of wool fading over the years. These variations give the rug a sense of history and a warm, weathered touch. The rug's design is composed of a central rectangle with an over-all pattern. Rows of geometric, floral motifs fill the rectangle which is framed by patterned bands. Densely textured and dynamic in its design, this runner will enrich your home with color and pattern.

154 in. x 33 in. (12' 10" x 2' 9")

Condition notes:
In good condition and sound shape. Visible wear that adds appeal and value to the rug, all consistent with the rug's age and use.

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