Foro Italico - a Book of Photographs by George Mott

Hardbound book collecting black-and-white and color photographs by George Mott. They portray the 60 marbles statues at the sports complex Foro Italico in Rome, Italy. The Foro Italico hosted the Olympics in 1960. The statues' fraught beginnings (they were commissioned by Mussolini) hover over these images of muscular, heroic figures. The photographs are striking for their spare composition which starkly puts the focus on robust embodiments of masculinity and athleticism.

Published in 2003. 64 pages. Introduction by Giorgio Armani. Includes slipcase.

10 in. width
14 in. height
1 in. depth

Condition notes:
In good condition. Visible scuffs to the slipcase and surface wear throughout.

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