Landscape Painting by Walter King Stone

An idyllic landscape painting by the artist Walter King Stone. Oil on masonite board. Circa Mid-Late 1940s. The painting portrays a countryside scene with a tree-lined path leading to what perhaps is small town, with a forest and mountains in the background. The paint is thick and gestural, giving the painting a sense of movement and textural quality. While the painting is unsigned, a hand-written note on the back provides a brief biography of the artist.

The painting is presented in a matte-finish wood frame from the previous collector.

Condition notes:

In overall good condition and sound shape. Stain speckling in the corner areas and small chips in the paint.

Masonite board dimensions:
20 in. width 
15.75 in height

Frame dimensions:
22.5 in. width
18.5 in. height

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