Set of 10 Architectural Engravings

A collection of 10 architectural engravings. The designs are intricately rendered and display beautiful symmetry. The set consists of 9 engravings by the architect James Paine, completed circa 1800. They depict the facades of British buildings, including an elaborate design for a ceiling. The 10th is a print of a Genoan palazzo design by Galeazzo Alessi, printed by the publishing house Lichtdruck von Römmler & Jonas. This last print was made later than the Paine engravings.

All 10 prints are framed under glass with ebonized wood and giltwood frame. 4 prints are oriented vertically and the other 6 prints are oriented horizontally. More photographs are available upon request.

Dimensions of the 9 Jaimes Paine engravings:
22 13/16 in. longer side
18 in. shorter side
3/4 in. frame thickness

Dimensions of Römmler & Jonas print:
23 in. width
19 in. height
3/4 in. frame thickness

Condition notes:
In good condition with wear that's consistent with the paper's age and use. This includes visible water marks to the prints and the paper backing of some of the frames.

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