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David Cafiero

A 2019 Architectural Digest Top 100 member, David Cafiero is a decorator and proprietor of Cafiero Select home decor store located in Manhattan’s East Village. With business partner Thom Lussier, David forms Cafiero Lussier Creative — an interactive & special events design firm. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, David has been many things: forester in his family’s lumber business; commercial fisherman on New England’s coast; private yacht chef throughout the Caribbean; event planner, café owner, and decorator in New York City. His style is eclectic, pragmatic, quietly sensual, like a Yankee just returned from early 20th century Paris. A longtime resident of Provincetown, he has also been deeply influenced by its salt-air worn woods, shifting, elemental light, and its long relationship with abstract expressionism.

David’s various professional pursuits are facets of his unique, cosmopolitan sensibility cut from a lifetime of travel and collecting. David’s insight helps each client express their personality in their home. “Certain contradictions, certain ever-so-slightly-outsized gestures, can create sparks. I believe in sparks. Most interiors like a bit of a shock. The vast, single room of a former art school, with its chipped and faded, 100-year-old paint, doesn’t need repainting, but it may need a pair of zebra-print armchairs to help wake it up. The dining room I’ve lacquered emerald green may want a simple wooden farm table found at an estate sale. The simple little guest room under the eaves may want to be covered, walls and ceiling, in bright floral wallpaper.”

His work has been featured in Architectural Digest, The World of Interiors, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, House & Garden, Lonny, City Magazine, New York Daily News, Self Service and Apartamento.

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Cafiero Lussier Creative

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For more than 20 years, Cafiero Lussier Creative has worked with brands and agencies to design and stage strategic media events that present new product information in innovative ways.

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