Giorgione: Myth and Enigma by Sylvia Ferino-Pagden

Giorgione: Myth and Enigma

Edited by Sylvia Ferino-Pagden and Giovanna Nepi Scirè

Published by Skira (2004)


310 pages

Black & white and color illustrations

9.75 in. width x 11.25 in. height x 1.125 in. depth


Description from the publisher:

"The myth of Giorgione as a painter interested in poetry, music and philosophy as well as in alchemy and astrology still overshadows our knowledge of his life and art. Though celebrated as the father of modern Venetian painting in the 16th century, the teacher of Titian and other artists, his oeuvre still remains very small and we know only very little about his life.

In his revolutionary brushwork Giorgione skillfully combines Leonardo´s sfumato with the colours and the thin layers of paint favoured by the Old Netherlandish masters to add a new dimension to colour through light. It is impossible to construct a generally accepted catalogue of his work, and the mysterious subjects of his paintings have engendered numerous mutually incompatible interpretations. As we still do not have any secure textual sources for works such as La Tempesta, these interpretations are more a reflection of the individual breadth of knowledge of the interpreter or of changing art-historical fashions than Giorgione´s own ideas."