Small Early 20th Century Lillihan Rug | 3'4" x 6'1"

This is a characteristic small scale Armenian Lillihan Rug, most likely woven in the Early 20th Century. Lillihan Rugs are a subsect of Hamadan Rugs, which are single wefted rugs woven in the Sultanabad region of Iran. The rose-pink color of the rug sets it apart from other Hamadan rugs to make it undoubtedly a Lillihan rug. 

3'4" W x 6'1" L 

In good condition, with losses consistent with age and use over time. The pile has worn low in the center of the rug, and it is evident that the side edges were rebound and have worn since. Uniform fraying at edges adds interest to the rug. 

Type: Unknown Type

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